Shove It In Your Pie Hole

Looky what I made!


My very first pies, and aren’t they swell? I used a mix for the pie crust, and a can for the blueberry filling, but I made up for all that cheating with the cherry pie! Well, sort of. MAYBE I had some help from Michelle pitting all those damned cherries… and getting the crusts into the pie plates… and she GAVE me a pie plate… and she loaned me the other…. and we used her kitchen. So I guess I should really say Michelle and I made some pies. They were my first pies, I needed help. Plus, I don’t LIKE pie, so that made it even harder to know what to do. These pies really were for Mr. Scott Bobleo. He is always bitching about how much he loves pie, but how he only gets to eat it at Thanksgiving, where there are inevitably only apple and pumpkin to choose from. Poor guy, he needs some pie variety! So I made the two top pies on his list.


The cherry pie filling was made from scratch! Michelle and I sat down and pitted a whole crap load of cherries, but luckily we had a tip from you know who… (Overly successful DIY guru whose name begins with "M" and is mentioned by me more than is probably healthy) Find a little cake decorating tip that has a hole a tiny bit smaller than a cherry pit. Now sit it upright on a plate (with a little paper towel) and push the  cherry over it, popping the pit out the top! It really works, but watch your eyes!! Many a squirt was Squat at the two of us during this pit fest. Of course, I couldn’t settle with plain jane pie tops, so I added a little cookie cutter love to these babies. Michelle rolled her eyes a lot, but they look great, don’t they? Especially the "M".


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