Bobleo’s Birthday Cake


It was my dear Scott Bobleo’s Birthday on Thursday! He turned twenty seven! Wowzers!  To celebrate, I baked him a cake. Not just any cake, the most kick-ass Peanut Butter Lover’s cake ever!! Get ready, people, I’m about to BLOW your MIND.

I un-cozied Edna, and revved her up for the big day.  “You’ve got a lot of work to do today Edna”, I said.  “Better get your ass in gear!”


As soon as she was ready I set to work making a Classic Yellow Layer Cake using the Yellow Cake from this recipe from Martha Stewart’s website.


I made two round cakes, one of which split when I turned it out of the pan!! EEEk! Z’ok though, luckily it split in a way that was easily overcome.  I just used the unstable cake on the bottom so the top would stay pretty.  Next, I made up a batch of Peanut Butter Frosting from this Whoopie Pie recipe.


This stuff was so delicious.  It will definitely be making appearances in other baked items sometime soon. Yum yum yum.  After that, I cooked up some Rich Chocolate Frosting.  This stuff was a little more liquidy than I had expected.  I suspect I either did something very wrong, or the picture from the cake recipe was not using the same icing.  I had to drizzle this frosting over the cake.  It was far from the light, fluffy frosting pictured in the recipe.  Luckily, the dark flavor of it offset the peanut butter filling very nicely.


After it was all frosted I sprinkled the whole thing with Reese’s Pieces.  My man loves his peanut butter.


And it looks like he loved his cake too! Happy birthday Bobleo!!



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2 responses to “Bobleo’s Birthday Cake

  1. first off, I have to say that cake looks AMAZING! I tried making a cake from scratch the other day and it was a waste of 30 dollars… somehow I burnt it 😦
    Secondly, YES you should get a gocco, the possibilities of things you can do with it are endless!! I am thinking about doing clothes soon!

  2. happy birthday, bobleo! that looks like one INCREDIBLY divine cake 🙂 mmmmmmm.

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