Candy Architecture

A rather wacky take on the traditional Gingerbread House, this
Toadstool Cottage that Michelle and I whipped up a few days before
Christmas was really something to see.  We kept asking ourselves as we
glued more and more little shrooms on the platter with royal icing, "Is
this going too far? Is this one mushroom too many?" But then we decided
that going too far was impossible when it came to Gingerbread Toadstool

Toadstool House 1

Did I ever mention my deep and everlasting love for building things out of other things? Oh, and my love for candy?

Toadstool House 2

baked the house and the roof from scratch out of actual gingerbread. 
The roof, a solid piece of gingerbread was baked inside a pyrex bowl to
achieve its perfectly round shape.  Since it was solid, it was pretty
heavy, so we reinforced the inside with some cardboard tubing.

Toadstool House 3
Bobleo foolishly scoffed at our Gingerbread House making skills by
challenging us to create a mailbox.  I laughed at him for doubting me,
then whipped up this little yellow beauty out of Lifesavers, Candy
Cane, and a Vanilla Tootsie Roll.  Suck on that, Doubty McDoubterson.

Toadstool Montage

made little mushrooms a number of ways.  The little colored ones are
made from gumdrops.  Just squish one gumdrop and then stick it (with
icing, of course) on top of an un-squished gumdrop.  There are also
teeny mushrooms made with regular gumdrops and bell shaped gumdrops. 
The larger mushrooms were made with bell shaped gumdrops, and topped
with either lumps of Gingerbread or Nilla Wafers.

Toadstool House 5
am really happy that Michelle acted on this idea.  I was bummed out
because I thought I wouldn't have time to make a Gingerbread
House(particulalry a Toadstool Cottage Gingerbread House), and I had
had my heart set on it since Thanksgiving.  When I was at Macys a few
days earlier, I saw the Martha Stewart Gingerbread House kit on
Clearance for six bucks and thought, "What the hey! I can make time for
a kit."  Kit in hand I popped over to Michelles, only to find her
baking Gingerbread for  this little wonder you see above.  I finished
my Martha Kit in no time flat, and then felt compelled to help Michelle
embellish the Toadstool Cottage.  We must have been at it for a couple
of hours, and I don't think we stopped giggling for more than a few
minutes alltogether.

Gum Drop Chapel 1

the way, here is the result of my Martha Kit.  Not so exciting as the
Toadstool Cottage, but very pretty anyway.  I added my own touch by
making it into a sort of candy chapel.  Don't ask why, I just felt the
urge!  Seeing my sis snap off the peppermint crucifix for a sacrificial
sucking session later on was good for a laugh.  My only complaint about
the kit was that the icing was more tasty than tacky.  I suppose you
can't ask much more from icing in a kit, but if I did it again I would
take the time to whip up a batch of real Royal Icing to go along with
the kit contents.  Getting that sucker to stay together with slow
drying icing was a real pain in the tookus.



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4 responses to “Candy Architecture

  1. those are some awesome gingerbread houses!

  2. The toadstools are wonderful!!

  3. Dude. You are making me huuuuuungry.

  4. Viva la mushroom house!!

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