Icebox Butter Cookies With Jam

Icebox Butter Cookies w Jam

Yum yum yum. These teeny cookies might not look perfect, but they taste GREAT.  I got the recipe for the cookie dough from my old stand-by, the Martha Stewart Baking Handbook.  She lists a number of variations in the book, several of which I tried, but I wasn't crazy about any of them.  Scott Bobleo gave me the idea of adding jam to the cookies – which turned out to be pure genius! I squished a little thumb print into each cookie and dabbed on a tiny dollup of cheap Strawberry Jelly on each, then baked them.  The jelly formed up into the a cookie perfect goo, and added some much needed sweetness.  The Butter Cookies alone are very salty, so they pair perfectly with jam.

There is another Ice Box Butter Cookie Recipe on, but it is not the same one that is in her Baking Handbook so I'm not sure how it would turn out.  If anyone tries that variation with the jam, let me know!


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